Solar power installation FAQs

Why Australian Solar light?

•    Australian Solar light is one of Australia’s leading solar panel installation companies, providing solar power equipment in Nsw and Solar panel equipment and installation in Victoria. We’ve installed over Hundreds of solar systems in Victoria. 

•    We only use premium brands solar panels and inverters manufactured by reputable companies whose warranties are held in Australia.

What kind of warranties do you offer on your Solar power systems ?

We offer the very best warranties on the market.We provide a 25-year photo voltaic performance warranty including 90% rated power performance warranty over 10 years and 80% rated capacity performance warranty over 25 years .We provide a ten-year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty on Solar Panels,inverters and roof mounting system.

How much does it cost to install a solar system on my roof?

Please give us a  call on 1300 836 415 to get the best price.

How much roof space is required?

The amount of roof space required by solar panels  depend on the size of the system you want to install. For example,  1.5Kw system requires about 12 square meters.

Are Solar panels and inverters installed by your company? Have they been tested and approved to use ?

Yes,Solar panels have been tested to meet the standard IEC61215 and IEC61730 and the inverter complies with standard AS/NZ4777. 

Are your installers qualified?

All installers are licensed electricians and are accredited by the Clean Energy Council to design and install solar pv system.

Are solar systems effective in winter?

Solar Photovoltaic systems rely on sunlight and ultra violet rays, not heat. So while there may be fewer hours of sunlight in winter, the actual conversion of power is unaffected by the change in season. However, you will benefit from extended hours of sunlight in the summer.

 Will i have solar electricity during black out?

No for safety reasons, during black out solar system shut down.

How long does an average installation take?Where will solar panels be installed?

It takes about 3 to 4 hours to install solar panels. It is best to install solar panels  on the north-facing side,  it is also possible to install a solar PV system on the east or west facing side .

 What are the finance options available?

Australian  solar light  provide system on payment plants after doing credit assessment on the potential customer.

What is the lead time for installation.

One to two weeks after booking.

 When should i pay?

Payment is required on the day of Solar panel  installation.

Can i expand my solar system in the future?

It all  depends on how much  roof space  you have and the size of inverter you have installed. If there is extra roof space and spare capacity in the inverter you can  increase the size of your system. If there is extra roof space you can even add extra system .

Do I need to be there while the system is installed?


Do solar panels produce electricity at night?

Solar panels  produce electricity only during the day when they are exposed to  sunlight. When there is no sunlight you have to purchase electricity from grid.

Can Solar panels be installed on a flat roof?

Tilt Frames can be installed to angle your solar panels at an optimum position to facilitate high electricity production. 

After Installation

Once your Solar Pv system is installed, Customers in Victoria should sign Premium Feed-in Tariff (PFiT) agreement with your electricity retailer.

Solar Metering

When you install solar panels it is necessary to upgrade your meter and switchboard so they can record the amount of solar electricity you generate and feed into the grid. If you do need a new meter you will be notified before your property inspection .There is a cost attached to install new meter. Sometimes when new meter is installed, electricity tariffs may change. Installation is arranged by your Distributor in Victoria and  is organised by an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) in NSW.


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