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Why Australian solar light Solar Power Melbourne?


Solar Power Melbourne

we only use the top quality products to make your property into a solar powerhouse. Simply because we understand not every house are exactly the same and also no one likes to spend money on worthless products. Our staff members Pick industry leading ,trusted and technologically innovative products coming from the world’s top rated Solar Panels and inverter manufacturers. With our company, the cost of installing solar panels is lowest on the market.The cost of installing solar power system is subject to government incentives and subsidies available when you install solar panels.

Why are we the best solar panel installer in VIC? Australian Solar light Solar Power Melbourne is a Melbourne based supplier of solar PV components. We supply solar panels and inverters across Australia. All of our components are CEC approved and come with manufacturer warranties. Our solar quotation includes everything you have to get up and running. We consider your meter category, roof type and all other things that other providers won’t explain to you.

High-quality Solar modules and Grid connect inverters We only install superior quality solar panels, inverters and other solar accessories from reputable solar companies, having a 25-year power efficiency warranty on all of our solar panels and 5 years replacement warranty on inverters.

Our Experience as solar panel installers Now we have designed and installed residential solar panels for more than 250 homes, and also have the practical knowledge necessary to come up with a solution tailored to your specific requirements. All of our installers are accredited by Clean Energy Council and also have done hundreds of solar installation across Australia.

Solar panel installation Victoria Is your house suitable for solar power,request a quote from Australian Solar Light and we will able to assess your home and install Victoria wide .Solar panel installation in Victoria and solar panel supply in NSW is our business. Once your solar power installation is booked with Australian Solar Light, we shall organize everything for you, from quotation to connection to the grid.

Customer Care We take care of all the paperwork, inspections, and arranging your meter changeover. Making the whole process as easy as possible for you.

Solar Power Melbourne

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Savings from 3 kw system

Calculations of 1 year savings =.27*6+ .062*5*365 =$773.80, each year savings will be more as the electricity prices will be more

              Savings Assuming savings are deposited with average super fund which deliver 10% average annual return
Year 1 $773.80 $13,502.35
Year 2 $827.97 $13,134.10
Year 3 $885.92 $12,775.90
Year 4 $947.94 $12,427.47
Year 5 $1,014.29 $12,088.53
Year 6 $1,085.29 $11,758.85
Year 7 $1,161.27 $11,438.15
Year 8 $1,242.55 $11,126.20
Year 9 $1,329.53 $10,822.76
Year 10 $1,422.60 $10,527.59
Year 11 $1,522.18 $10,240.48
Year 12 $1,628.73 $9,961.19
Year 13 $1,742.75 $9,689.52
Year 14 $1,864.74 $9,425.26
Year 15 $1,995.27 $9,168.21
Year 16 $2,134.94 $8,918.17
Year 17 $2,284.38 $8,674.95
Year 18 $2,444.29 $9,029.04
Year 19 $2,615.39 $8,782.79
Year 20 $2,798.47 $8,543.26
Year 21 $2,994.36 $8,310.27
Year 22 $3,203.97 $8,083.62
Year 23 $3,428.24 $7,863.16
Year 24 $3,668.22 $7,648.71
Year 25 $3,925.00 $7,440.11
Year 26 $4,199.75 $7,237.20
Year 27 $4,493.73 $7,039.82
Year 28 $4,808.29 $6,847.82
Year 29 $5,144.87 $6,661.06
Year 30 $5,505.01 $6,055.51
  $73,093.76 $285,222.06